Thursday, June 17, 2010

Repeat, but still beautiful

Yet another shot of the fiord. But this time the ice is gone and the beautiful blue water makes this amazing view even better.


noinvitationrequired said...

I can't believe that all of your ice is gone - people are still snowmobiling on the ice here!!!!

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...


And O looks so grown up in your header picture!

Jody said...

I love your new header! You must need photo-shop to do one like that, or pay to host your web???

Morena said...

Thanks Jody! I use Photoshop Elements to crop and add stuff to the header. It's a really easy program if your looking for something to edit pics. I use it for digital scrapbooking too and I love it. AND the best part, it's only abut $100 which is way cheaper than the regular Photoshop.

And Kara, you're right! Not such a baby anymore huh? Where does the time go?

Lindsey, it was crazy! One day there was ice and I was watching people trying to get their komotik off it. And the next day, the fiord was completely empty. Close call.