Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This is why I love blogging

Wow! I can't believe it. Tonight's is post is number 200 since I started this blog. It seems fitting that this milestone comes on a day that I once again need help from the blogging community. I started this blog to keep in touch with family and friends for the most part but it's become something much bigger. Not only have the other bloggers been really welcoming to their group, I've also made some genuine friends who have become 'pen pals' of sorts. My online friends have helped me with all sorts of things over the last 200 posts, mostly in the department of kids stuff. People are always quick to give their advice when I ask for it which I love. It's like Googling a problem and getting answers from people you trust.

Tonight I'm asking for a different kind of help. I've been corresponding with someone in Nova Scotia who has had some job offers to come up north to work. I've been giving her the ins and outs, negative and positives, dos and don'ts of making the move. Turns out she may be going to Cambridge Bay instead of to Pang as originally planned. She was hoping I'd have a contact there for her to talk to but I don't, at least not one I can think of. So, I'm sending the request out to you. Does anyone out there have a contact in Cambridge Bay that wouldn't mind getting an email from my friend?

Thanks in advance for the help, you guys are the best. And here's to 200 more.... posts, not questions :)


Sarah said...

Hey Morena,

I know two people that live in Cam Bay... email me and I can see if I can dig up their email addresses... so that I can put them in touch!! :)


Way Way Up said...

Interestingly, there is a possibility that I might be heading to Cam Bay this fall for employment. I knew a couple people who lived there but they have since left. I'm a bit pressed for time but I'll see what info I can dig up.