Saturday, April 17, 2010

Google Earth

Darcy from Northland Adventures did a post yesterday with photos from Google Earth. I thought it was really neat so I downloaded it myself and decided to check out my own neck of the woods. They say immitation is the sincerest form of flattery so I hope Darcy will take it that way when he sees that I've basically stole his post idea for myself.

This is the overall view of Pang. It's much more compact than Cape Dorset was. Even the runway goes right though town.

A closer view of our neighborhood.

And this is where I am in reference to you.

I've never checked it out before but Google Earth is pretty cool!


Clare said...

Google earth is awesome. And can be a time killer when you get into it. I find it even more incredible now that they've added Street View to so many places (of course Pang and Arctic Bay aren't among those places, too hard of a drive for their street view vehicles).

Before I went to Europe I used Google Earth to find a number of the cemeteries I was looking for and it was indispensable for finding a battlefield where my Grandfather fought, that is unmarked by any monument or sign.

There are so many features in it now it is mind boggling.

Laura E :) said...

Morena, cool pics! What is the big rectangular building at the opposite end of town from you? Is it the Northern?

Morena said...

The one with the big black roof? That's actually not a building, it's the water reservoire. That's where the water truck picks up our water there to bring it to our houses.

Way Way Up said...

Thanks for the shout out Morena. Actually I got the idea off of Clare. I recall him posting some Google Earth shots of Arctic Bay and Nanisivik a ways back. I haven't quite figured out how to add in all the fancy writing to show exactly where things are but I have a new computer here so perhaps I'll play around on it.

And I have to agree with Clare. It can be a highly addictive application and Lisa is always on me about it. I did use it to find some great places to explore during my Hungarian trip a couple summers back that I might otherwise never have known about though.

Morena said...

My 'fancy writing' was done with Photoshop. I just saved the image and edited it.