Monday, March 22, 2010

On a more positive note...

So the weekend has come and gone and I'm feeling much better about everything. Having said that, Oliver woke up on Sunday morning at 3:45 am and refused to go back to sleep in the form of a major temper tantrum in his crib. Between the two of us, Nick and I managed to get a few hours of sleep each and made it through as best we could.

But, I choose to make this a positive post so I'll tell you that while I was napping on Sunday afternoon the cable got hooked up so that made my day much better. And even though Oliver didn't make it through the night once again last night, he went back to sleep pretty easily. AND he had a nap today which he hasn't done since we got here. So things are looking up!

Another positive experience was meeting Tara from Pang Bound. She invited me over for coffee on Saturday and we had a great conversation. It's always nice to meet a fellow blogger and even nicer to make a friend in a new community. I'm sure we'll get together again soon.

Positive experience number.... whatever. The Northern. We took a walk over there on Saturday to check it out and I'm hugely impressed. The store is huge and is much nicer than the one we had in Cape Dorset. The produce section was well stocked, they had lots of sewing and hardware stuff and the best part... FRESH MEAT!! I didn't think that existed in the north (outside of Iqaluit I guess) They had a huge T-bone steak for only $14 which I thought was a pretty decent deal. What wasn't a good deal but tasted soooo good was the Pizza Hut pizza we got on Friday night for supper. There's a KFC/Pizza Hut in the Northern so we had a little taste of southern fast food but when 2 medium pizzas cost $50 it's not something you are going to do often. Still, soooo good.

So I'm coming out of my slump and feeling much better. Bring on the boxes!

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Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Oh the tantrums! They just seem to get worse too.

Glad that your positive notes far out number your negative ones!