Sunday, March 28, 2010

More pics of town

We took a walk around town today since the winds have finally died and we could go out without blowing away. We've had 3 days of bad weather so it was nice to see the sun and be able to get out of the house.

This is Pang's tiny detachment.

Right next to the detachment is the Northern.

And next to that is the health center.

A little farther down the road is the harbour which is getting a 17 million dollar upgrade in the near future. Stephen Harpur announced that when he was here a few months ago.

Uqqurmiut Centre for arts and crafts. I haven't been in yet but I can't wait to go. They make the famous Pang Hats there as well as these amazing mitts that my friend Meaghan got for Christmas. I'm so looking forward to getting a pair of my own. Check out their catalogue here.

We have our own post office in Pang instead of just a counter at the Northern. It shares the building with the radio station.

As usual Tank made an impression. He had quite a few kids come up and want to meet him along the way.

And back to the house. Ours is the white one just to the left of the yellow shed.


lindsay Niedzielski said...

I am so jealous that you are just able to walk into the centre and make a purchase...they have so many beautiful things!

Laura E said...

Your view looks awesome!!! Glad to see Tank is making more friends :) How are the cats making out at the new place?

Morena said...

Actually Laura the cats are doing great here. They seem much happier than at our last place and are hanging out much more often. They are even sleeping with us again since the dog has been relegated to the floor. They are much better bed companions than Tank ever was.

KOTN said...

You have to stop buy the centre and get your little guy a Pang hat. I did, smart purchase there. He loves it, we love it.