Friday, March 26, 2010

Foodmail Folly

I've heard many stories about problems with foodmail since we've been up north. We are no exception. We've 'lost' a box of meat that we paid about $80 for that just never showed up. We've had things arrive damaged but over all these are things things that are shipping related. Last week we had our first real 'what the hell' moment.

It all started when Nick was checking the credit card statement and asked what I bought that would make our order cost $450. I was at a loss since I admitted that I had placed a bigger order than usual and had ordered a larger quantity of meat but nothing that should cost that much. Up to now our most expensive order was been around $300 so it was way above what I would have expected even for the largest of orders.

Well, Thursday comes around and this is what showed up.

Actually we got 2 of these.... What I had actually ordered was two Rib Eye steaks. In my order I had even referred to the flyer where the steaks were pictured as normal, single serving pieces of meat. And the reason for the $450 order? Well this is why:

And the other one was actually a few dollars more! So I guess if we want our steaks we're going to have to thaw this hunk of meat, slice it and invite a few friends over for a barbecue. Maybe the foodmail shopper knew we were moving to a new community and wanted to give us an excuse to socialize with our neighbours.


Kennie said...

wow. I'd be calling / emailing them and asking what on earth were they thinking. That is crazy!

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Wow. That blows my experience of asking for six roma tomatoes and receiving six BAGS of romaine lettuce.

I would for sure be calling them! And you totally don't have to thaw it. Just find someone with a bandsaw to cut it up for you. Just clean the saw first....

Looks yummy at least!

jen said...

Ok this happened to me once too, only I did order a roast, but they had been sending me like the $20 kind and all of a sudden they got all fancy on me and I got the same weight but this time I paid $70! Sometimes I wonder if they had some deal with the butcher.

indigo said...

wowser! roast beast!

and all the whooooos in whooville were happy

Aida said...

i would totally call them, i sometimes really hate Metro.