Friday, February 12, 2010

Who will light it up

So tomorrow is the day I've been waiting for for so very long. Bring on the Olympic fanfare!!! My mother posed a question to our family tonight and I thought it would make for a good blog post for anyone who enjoys the games. The question... Who do you think is going to be the person to light the cauldron? There are plenty of rumors going around. Wayne Gretzky? Kurt Browning? Nancy Green? Mom even heard something about a hologram of Terry Fox doing it.

My first thought was Rick Hansen. Elvis Stoiko (god I hope not). Myriam Bedard?

If you remember (I didn't, I looked it up) it was a 12 year old figure skater, Robyn Perry who had the honor at the '88 games in Calgary. That proves that it doesn't have to be a famous Canadian athlete. Just for fun, I'd love to hear who you think it might be.

Go Canada Go!


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

I am hoping for Jordon Tootoo since they are using an inukshuk as their symbol, but I am betting that it is Gretzky.

Tara Muise said...

i was listening to the whole buzz on the news last night and, you know, i think i would prefer some sort of no-name coach who has been working in a community for years trying get the youth involved in sports. aren't the olymics about representing the country? sure, the olympians do that when they're off in other countries, but when the festivities are actually held in our country, i think it should be someone everyone can relate to - the guy/gal who is up and at the rink for those 6 am practises, spotting kids on the balance beam, standing by with a whistle and a word of encouragement, etc. that's the dream. that's what would make my eyes well up with some sort of cheesy tears. that's what i think the olympics are about.

Tammy said...

Whoever it will be, you can guarantee it will be someone of high merit and big influence towards Canadian Sports history.

I agree with you, it better not be Elvis...

indigo said...

I was impressed with the lineup until" the great one" pulled his sour face (which I noticed he ket on all through the outside torch ride). You would think someone of his stature and renown would have the social graces to not let a little sharing and prop glitch get under his skin.
Yeah Rick Hansen, now there is a man who does not buckle under any circumstances, Nancy Green , personally not a fan (she lives here and has done some major developments on lands still under negotiations) but I understand the Olympian hype, Barbara Ann Scott, my goodness she is frail, Nash - oh yeah!!