Thursday, February 18, 2010

Super Fan

I've been dying for a pair of the Olympic mitts that everyone is sporting in Vancouver but haven't got around to ordering them. Well guess what I got in the mail yesterday?? Thanks Mom!!! Now I can cheer like a pro.

I'm thoroughly enjoying this Olympic experience. I've been watching as much as I can and since I'm home almost all the time, I pretty much see it all. I'm thrilled for the medals we've earned and am just as thrilled with the great performances that have put our athletes in positions like 4th, 5th and 6th. There are several of those rankings and I say 4th (5th or 6th) in the world ain't bad. As I write this tonight we are looking at getting at least one more medal from woman's short track speed skating so by the time you read this our total will be six. And possibly seven since two of the four competitors in the final are from our proud country. GO CANADA GO!!

And my favorite non-Canadian thing from the games so far?... those checkered curling pants. Just for them I cheer Norway on to a silver medal. Second to the Martin rink of course.


Tammy said...

I ordered a pair of Red Mittens on Thursday - I've been watching the HBC Olympic store for weeks/months...and finally they got another shipment in and I jumped on the chance...
lol @ Norway's pants....have you seen the facebook page devoted to their pants yet; over 35,000 people have joined.

Laura E :) said...

I am so glad I am off from 11pm Sunday until 11pm on Friday night.. I have been able to watch so many olympic events! I joined the Norwegian pants Facebook Page yesterday and it is hilarious how fast it is growing. I do wish my boyfriend Jeremy Wotherspoon would have had a better finish in his final Olympics though (I was hoping for a top 5). Just to clarify...Wotherspoon is Olympic Boyfriend #3.. John Morris needs to know he's still my #1 Olympic Boy! Is Oliver watching any of the sports?