Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Uniquely Northern

Today at work I was hanging out in the office waiting for the flight to arrive. It was late and everyone was checked in so there was nothing to do but wait. At one point I had to get something from the front counter and saw that there was a group of women and kids sitting on the floor over by the baggage ramp . Upon closer inspection I realised they were gathered around a piece of cardboard eating 'country food' . For those who don't know, country food is... well, I couldn't say the exact definition. Food taken from the land? In this case it was raw caribou, fish and something else that they told me but I'd never heard of and now forget. It's unexpected experiences like this that make living here so interesting. I love getting glimpses of uniquely northern life when I least expect it. There's no Tim's in our airport so what else are going to do for lunch while you wait?

On a completely unrelated note... Today marks the first day of nominations for the Nunies: Nunavut blogging's answer to the People's Choice awards. The first two categories are 'Best Blog' and 'Best NEW blog' (hint hint). You are able to nominate one or up to five blogs in each category and the five that get the most votes will be finalists. There is also Best Post but the nominations for this one are made by the blog authors themselves. And you don't have to a northern resident to nominate, just someone who enjoys northern blogs. Click here if you want more info.

 So, if you feel my work is in the top five, feel free to nominate me. I hope that isn't too forward but hey, I noticed I'm not the only one mentioning it. :-)   Send a note to nunavutblogs AT yahoo DOT ca to have your say. Nominations end on Monday the 11th.

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Nicole Furlotte said...

You have been nominated my friend. Best of luck!! Nicole