Saturday, January 2, 2010

My New Years Eve

New Years Eve was pretty uneventful for us. Oliver was of course in bed so Nick and I sat home and watched some of season one of the X-files. At midnight I grabbed my tripod and headed out to watch the town come to life. I couldn't believe the number of vehicles that participated in the parade. I've seen a few here in the last 18 months and there has never been that many. Just an FYI for you southerners, a parade here doesn't have floats or anything, just lots of vehicles (mostly snow machines) following each other around town. 

They started down by the Co-op and headed out towards Valley. The parade is the bright line of light by the houses in the distance.

Then down the hill from the GN. The Hill of Doom as Ashley has named it.

And back from the airport turning the corner towards RC.

After I took that last one I had to run back over to the house to warm up. Note to self: Next time you go out to take photos in January, especially at night when it's -20, put on something more than pyjama pants and rubber boots with no socks. Even though I had my Canada Goose on I was FREEZING! I put on my long johns (Helly Hensen rocks) and headed back out just in time to see the machines head onto the ice.

After the wide arc they did lots of twist and turns then all lined up. They shot off 2 fireworks and I was lucky to get shots of both.

Truth be told, I think they were flares.

Happy New Year!

PS: I just switched to the new version of Blogger. Love the extra large pics!

PPS: I just realised the extra large pics cut off one side. Oh well, back to just large.


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Love the pictures!!

jen said...

Wow! Great photos Morena!! Missed being up there with you guys this new years!