Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cheese please

O is going through another eating, or should I say not eating faze. It seems the only thing he'll ingest is Kraft Dinner and cheese sandwiches. I'll be awfully happy when he gets over this one. Every meal I make him something to try and we always end up with cheese sandwiches just so he get's something in his belly. The KD he only gets when I make it for myself. Which is only once in a blue moon MOM.... yeah right.


canadianinclogs said...

My ex's daughter was the same way! LOL! I went through months of grill cheese sandwiches. As for the KD I use to sneak in peas or ham into it.

I love that picture of him though, way too cute!

jen said...

HAHAH I love that photo!

Cynthia said...

Too funny... I LOVE that pic of him! All kids go through weird food things.. he'll get over it - hang n there mommy :)