Sunday, December 27, 2009

They say you learn something new everyday

This is what we got O for his birthday. Nick's mom had mentioned a while ago that she got all 3 of her boys good old Tonka trucks for their first birthdays and I thought it was a fantastic tradition to pass on to our little man.

Right, fantastic. It would have been if I'd just left well enough alone and let him push it around. But I didn't. If any of you reading this has been a parent for any length of time you will see right away what the problem is. He loves riding in it. And now, he keeps trying to climb in and promptly went ass over tea kettle over the front of the thing. You think I would have thought of it before I started this game but NO. One of these days we'll have more forethought on these ideas. We ended up having to put it away on him which is very uncool when it comes to a newly given birthday gift.

Yup, maybe I should have listened to the box when it said age 3 and up. Maybe I'm just a bad parent. Forgive me, I'm still learning.


Kennie said...

Dude! Awesome parent. That looks like WAY too much fun!

Aida said...

umm, Ben got one of those for christmas and he can ride in it too! except he rides it another i have yet to post pics. the only drawback from teaching him he can ride on toys...he will try to ride everything! lol i caught Ben a few times when he was 0's age "table surfing" on the coffee table. it got soo bad that we had to get rid of the coffee table.