Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December babies

December is a busy month around the Steeves/Kelly household at least when it comes to birthdays. Mine is the 5th, my nephews Erik and Logan are on the 21st and the 23rd respectively and Oliver is the 25th. Yesterday we celebrated two of those by having a small family party for Erik and Oliver. Erik will be two and Oliver will be one on their actual birthdays.

This is Erik sporting the 'traditional' Kelly birthday hat. I just realised I didn't get one with O wearing it.

I at least got one hat picture of him.

The cake before....

Cake after.... Erik didn't really care about the cake.
Oliver loved it. Of course he did, he's my son.

My mom and dad helped the boys blow out the candles.

Lots of loot for 2 little guys.

It was a great day. On behalf of the boys, thanks for all the gifts everyone!


canadianinclogs said...

That sounds like my house...

My boyfriend's is the 14th
My godson is the 23rd
My dad is the 22nd
My stepdaughter is the 25th

and now I might be induced on the 28th!!

I wonder if I can just skip December next year and roll on into January??

Aida said...

are you staying in NB till christmas? I am jealous that you are still "vacationing"!