Thursday, November 26, 2009

Morena's Favorite Things

Today is Thanksgiving in the US. Today, or I guess tomorrow, is also what they consider the official start to the holiday season. Even though Canadians don't follow that logic necessarily, I will for blogging purposes. I've decided to channel my inner Oprah and share my current favorite things with you. Maybe I can help you stuff a stocking for someone that you've been stuck for ideas.

Kuhn Rikon Paring Knives
These knives are amazing and so very cute. They come in lots of different fun colors. You can buy on line here.

Bath and Body antibacterial soaps.
If you've never tried these I highly recommend them. They come in dozens of amazing scents and not just the everyday smells you will find at the drug store. My favorite are the foaming soaps but all their products are great. I also love the Wallflower air fresheners.

Coleman Roadtrip grill
Roadtrip® Grill LXE Model No. 9949-750C
This propane barbecue is one of the best things we've ever bought. It's easy to clean since the grill is in two pieces and comes off easily. You can even exchange the grills with griddle plates or wire racks to use pots or frying pans on. We use the little camping size propane tanks but you can also hook up a full size tank with the help of an adapter. The best part: It's legs fold up so it can be used on a table top and makes for easy storage. And we've tested it in -40 weather and it came through it flying colors and yummy steaks!

Neutrogena Body Oil
This is an amazing product for all you northerners. Like most of you I'm sure, the northern climate causes me to have really dry skin. I use this oil before I get out of the shower to seal in the moisture and find it really helps. I pour it into a spray bottle to make it easier to apply and rub it in. And unlike most bath oils it won't make you greasy so you can get dressed right away without ruining your clothes. And it smells great.

The Azure Wrap
Someone suggested this wrap to me when I had Oliver and I'm so glad they did. It may be a little intimidating at first but putting it on isn't as hard as it looks. The website has a video to help so you'll learn in no time. Oliver absolutely loved being in it and it allowed me to get things done around the house while still holding him like he wanted. There are others on the market like the
Moby and the Cuddle Wrap. They are basically all the same and I've found they are all pretty much the same price. Please get this for someone you know with a new baby. They will thank you, I guarantee it.

Dove Cream Oil Body Wash
This is the other half of my arsenal against dry skin. I had given up on body wash years ago but this product brought me back in a big way. It is so very foamy and rich that I can't imagine going back to just soap. I actually like the Dove SUPREME cream oil body wash even more than this one. It's even foamier... is foamier a word?

Sony Reader
Nick got this for his birthday and we both absolutely love it. He was sceptical at first because reading off a computer screen can sometimes be hard on the eyes but that's not at all the case. There is no glare and it looks just like a book page. You can even adjust the font if you need it. The software works much like Itunes where you download from a website and then sync it to the device. The downloads are super quick and the books are cheaper than from your usual bookstore. You may have heard of the Kindle from which is finally available to Canadians. From our research we like the Sony better. Compare here for yourself. The big plus for the Sony is that you can buy books from a few different sites and not just from Amazon.

It may be old news for alot of you but if you haven't seen it yet, 24 is worth your time. It is by far some of the best TV I've watched in a really long time. We've seen the first three seasons so far and have honestly been on the edge of my seat the whole time.

Croc 'Capri' Flip Flops

I have worn these flip flops every day for the last two years. I'm not kidding, I wear them in the winter with my socks as slippers when it's too cold for bare feet. Not much to say about them except to say if you love flip flops you'll love these.


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Those knives look great!! And I have that same dove body wash in my shower right now. I love it too. Great ideas!

Carly said...

We have the same knives (green one) and they are great!
We also have the same Coleman stove, but we put ours in storage...I'm kicking myself now! That is a great idea in place of a full-size BBQ. Do you guys have a place in town to refill the propane tanks?
The bath and body soaps are great.
I think i'm going to have to try the Neutrogena oil. I currently use Aveeno Bath and shower oil, but I can't find it anywhere online to buy it.
Ahh..The Sony reader. We looked at it seriously before moving up here, but decided against it. I don't know if I can give up reading from a book. Is it comfortable to hold for a long period of time? What do you love about it? (Anything you think that will sell me on it??)

Morena said...

Carly, sorry for not getting back to you sooner about the reader...
It's very confortable to hold cause it's light and a great size for one handed holding. The screen looks exactly like a book page, matte white 'paper' with black writing. No lit screen means you don't get the sore eyes you get from a computer screen. The best part is not having books around after you're done with them or needing to take 3-4 heavy books with you when you travel. Nick never goes anywhere without a few books cause he reads so much and our house is filled with ones he's done with. As for me, I read mostly in the tub so I'm going to stick with books, at least if they fall in I'm only out $10!

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