Saturday, November 7, 2009

Just Play

We made it.

We finally got to Saint John after staying that extra night in Halifax. The morning flight went off without a hitch and made it to mom and dad's by 10am. It feels great to be around my family. This trip is extra special because my sister who has been living in Calgary the last few years is back in Saint John so we get to spend lots of time together. I've also been anxious to get our boys together so they can get to know each other. Unfortunately, the first meeting didn't go well. Erik, who is a year and 4 days older than O, took one look at my mom hugging "his Oma" and lost it. He is used to being the king of family's attention and was not happy about sharing his throne. Over the last few days he is coming around and I think they'll be good friends by the end of the trip.

So far the trip has been great. We've settled in and have had the opportunity to see a few friends and family members. There is nothing like hanging out with friends from way back, Lots of stories to laugh and reminisce about. I've also had the chance to get my hair cut and did some shopping. I seem to have fallen back in to the southern swing rather easily. The thing I've enjoyed the most so far is taking O to Just Play. It's a huge indoor playground that they have recently opened in Saint John and the kids had a great time.

Oliver loved watching the colors flash and change on the LED game floor.

Erik really likes the slide.

O is obsessed with the stairs lately so these are stairs he's allowed to tackle.

Way way up on the bridge.

A good time was had by all. Not sure about the kids but I for one can't wait to go again.