Saturday, October 3, 2009

More excitement for me

I've been getting lots of comments about the whale pictures and many have included warnings about polar bears. Probably good advice because guess what I saw the other night?? My first Polar bear! Nick and I have tried many times to see bears that we heard were in town but every time they are gone by the time we get there. No surprise. Usually half the town is already chasing it and it's long gone. Well, last night the sighting was at about 230 am so nobody had the chance to chase him away before we got a look. He was only about 200 feet away but unfortunately I didn't get pictures. It was too dark for my 'auto' setting to focus so I was out of luck. I'm still thrilled that I got to see one and have fulfilled one of my northern goals. And it was big! The sad news on this excitement is that because this was the same bear that has been seen in town a few times in the last couple of weeks he was declared fair game. He was shot yesterday morning out by the whale. So I guess I'll get so see him again on a rack outside of someone's house. I'm sad about it but that's the way it is. Safety first and I get that.

Whales, bears... It's been a really cool week.

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Aida said...

i must say i am kinda sad when bears are shot this way though.