Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bank accounts and comb overs

It was monumental day here in the Steeves household. This morning Nick paid off the last of our line of credit and I can now say we are officially DEBT FREE!!!! I never thought I'd see the day yet here we are with money in the bank... with nobody asking for it. It's ours! I give complete credit to my husband for this achievement because, well, not only does he make the money he is the one who has aggressively tackled our money issues head on. I'll be the first to admit budgeting is not my strong suit.

So now the saving begins. Nick is busy devising different ways to invest and save to maximize the money rather than having it sitting in a bank account getting a pathetic amount of interest. The goal is to save enough for a car and a decent down payment on a house when we move back down south. It's feels good to be heading towards something rather than dealing with the past.

On a totally unrelated note... Oliver got his first hair cut today! He was getting unruly as you can see. Meaghan cut up around his ears and cut the remains of the really long comb over he's had since birth. Yes, I kept the hair. Yes, he's in a turkey roaster in the his picture. And yes, that's a HUGE tooth he's sporting. I hope his head grows into the tooth soon because it just looks weird. I call it his 'Cletus' tooth. He looks like a cast member from the movie Deliverance. Thankfully, the other top tooth has started to grow in beside it to balance it out.


Tammy said...

Congrats on both the big fat Zero that replaced your line of credit and for the new-hairdo! I bet they both look awesome.

Deanna said...

Oh to be debt free!!!! Congrats!!!

Sarah said...

Congrats on being Debt Free... am so waiting for that day!! (not sure it will EVER happen!)...

...very cute shot!! (Don't cook him this thanksgiving though ok?)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. You did it together. Without you agreeing to make about as unknown and drastic a change as you could make, this wouldn't have been possible, in such a short time. Although, as I saw, your lifestyle is good, it is hard to leave family and friends and venture into the unknown. You both deserve a lot of credit for your commitment to achieving this goal. Reap the rewards and enjoy. Miss you all. See you soon.