Sunday, September 27, 2009

'Green' with envy?

I bought a carving today. It seems to be a common theme with some of the 'new to the north' bloggers and I totally get their excitement. When Nick and I got here we bought so many carvings that we finally had to put a moratorium on it. Now we only buy if something is really special which doesn't always happen from the house to house salesmen. Well, special showed up at my door today and I couldn't resist.

The bear was carved by Noah Kelly who we have bought from before for other people. His trademark pointy headed bear is one I've admired but didn't have any of my own. The reason he's so special? He's green! The rock is green serpentine I'm told and it's hard to come by around here. Noah said he hadn't carved with it since he was a little boy. I have to say that the quality of the carving and the polishing is a little lacking. Even a novice like me can see that. But even so, for me the color made it a must buy. I liked the shape too. He's called a smelling bear as his head is up, smelling the air, hoping to catch a whiff of seal for dinner.

Mom, he needs a name. You always have suggestions on such things.


E. said...

When you have a green bear I think think the only way to go is to name him Kermit.

indigo said...

Pretty sure that particular stone is quarried at Markham Bay. I have a small shelf of items of that particular hue. Lovely green pointey nosed bear whatever the name.

Morena said...

Yes, Markham Bay is correct, that's what Noah told me.

Kermit, that's not bad. I like it.

Sarah said...

Hmmmm this is an awesome carving! I'm green with envy that I had already 'stopped' my shopping spree in dorset when it came by the house that I was staying at...I will return to Pang with 6 carvings..though! Glad that you made a special home for him....

as for a name... hmmmmm can't quite figure that one out...

jen said...

Sweet, I didn't see too many apple coloured pieces while I was there. I'm surprised too because Noah is usually pretty good and well known. Just get Mark to shine it up better. My name suggestion is Sandy Sour Apple. lol

Heather, aka: Mum said...

Oh Morena! He is precious! I'd have snapped him up too!! I'm fortunate to have parents that have collected for years so when it comes to my pieces, I have inherited them...I sure couldn't afford the lofty prices either !! I do not have a "sniggng Bear" but I would dearly love one...that or simply a walking bear!! hummm one day ! Cheers

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