Monday, August 31, 2009

I know you've been missing him

It's been 6 whole days since I've blessed you all with cuteness. O's been a very easy little guy the last few days because all he's done is sleep. I assume it's another growth spurt because he's eating like a horse too. Whatever the reason I'm loving it. I've been sewing obsessed trying to get my amautik done while still keeping up my browsing for nothing specific on the internet and getting a few scrapbook pages done. Yeah, I try and get some house work done during those naps too but admittedly not as much as I should. Am I selfish to be willing to live in filth so I can have more 'me' time? Yup, I think that's pretty much the definition of selfish but hey, that's who I am.

Anyway, I know you've all been in withdrawal so I won't keep you waiting any longer. Here he is....

Lovin' the bubble bath.

His tongue is always out these days.

Ok, now that you've had your O fix I'm out. That's all I have for today.