Thursday, August 13, 2009

I may need a 12 step program

Hello, My name is Morena and I'm a recovering TV addict.

Do I get a chorus of 'HELLO MORENA'????

I'm not proud of my problem but I've learned to manage it. I used to be the type of addict who is up on every new show that comes on. As most of my shows went off the air over the years I didn't pick up new ones and instead left the box on reruns of things like Friends, Seinfeld and Will and Grace. Since I've seen them all a million times, I can go about my day without fear of having my plans derailed. It's more like background noise.

These days I've been leaving it tuned to Treehouse. Since I have a little one around I figure I should try and keep my noise kid friendly. At 7 1/2 months Oliver has little interest but my problem is rearing it ugly head again. These shows are all new to me and I find myself being sucked in. Do I really need to find out if Harry finds the wind with the help of his bucket full of dinosaurs? And why do I care where Toot and Puddle go on their next adventure? I actually have an excuse for that one. My sister told me there is an episode were they go to Nunavut. I have yet to catch it but I'm still watching. The worst one is 4 Squares. I find the show incredibly annoying but I constantly catch myself checking out Captain Hop's package. Maybe that's a whole different problem

Anyway, even addicts have their limits. Mine is Barney. I decided well before I was a mother that this house would be a Barney free zone. The day I start watching it I'll know I've hit rock bottom.


Cynthia said...

Too Funny!! I hear you about 4 squares and Barney - I feel the same :)

I have never seen Toot in Nunavut - I guess I will have to keep watching that too :)

Keep posting - I love reading your stuff!

jen said...

HAhahah Morena...Captian Hop's package....ok I don't even watch treehouse and I know what your talking about. I wonder if he knows that all mom's are checking him out.

Lindsay Niedzielski said...

There is an episode where Toot comes to Nunavut...there is also an episode when Franny goes to Iqaluit (Franny's Feet on Playhouse Disney)...don't worry, by the time Oliver is two, you will have seen all of the cartoons too...believe me, I can recite some of them by heart...i'm not proud.......

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Thank god I don't have satellite!! But I have created a youtube monster. I made the mistake of showing him Caillou on youtube. Now he screams at the top of his lungs for it. Anytime I use the computer he is usually beside me watching on a small window on the computer. Little rat. So to get my computer back, I just ordered 4 caillou movies for amazon. I think I am going to get sick of hearing those pretty damn quick. And now he is watching about 2 hours of movies a day and complains when I take his little dvd player away.

KOTN said...

Sesame Street.

Sesame Street is where it is at. Despite the Elmo-thon at the end of every episode, they keep evolving the show. Wait until you see Murray. My little guy jumps up when he sees Murray, and his big brother and I sing the song with him.

Then we wait for Ovahita to smack him in the head.

Good times.

Aida said...

LOL. it was Frannie's feet but that is on Playhouse Disney, they mention "iqaluit".

kids used to be sucked in with stuff on treehouse but they only watch the wiggles now. i am a TV addict, so they hv to watch what i am watching..yeah selfish mommy but seriously dude, if i hear another "makka pakka" sound, i will go insane!

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