Tuesday, August 25, 2009

8 months

I try to do a little photoshoot with O on or around each month-aversary. I pretend I'm a photographer and do a background, with props and try to make them nice frame worthy pictures. I love seeing how he's growing and changing every month in a posed photo. hmmm, I said posed. That's getting much more difficult now that he's on the move. I set up our shoot today and didn't get one good shot.

There he goes.

Right off the set.

Then I added Tanko to the mix. Bad idea. Neither would stay still so both are blurry.

Finally Tank struck a pose but O was long gone.

You know what they say.... 'Never work with kids or animals'. Maybe we'll try again tomorrow.


KOTN said...

Just use that first one, with the tough guy face. You'll be seeing that expression for the next 20 or so years, might as well remember where it started (says the guy who gets notes from his mother asking for pics of the boys without food on their shirts or goofy faces).

jen said...

HAHAha that first photo is cracking me up every time I load this page!

Morena said...

I know Jen! I don't know if Kent is right and I'll be seeing it for 20 years but it's certainly his favorite expression right now.

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