Sunday, July 5, 2009

Poor choice in footware...

It was a beautiful day yesterday so friends and I decided to head down the the beach. Tank needed a run, they needed to run their 3 year old. We soon found that although most of the ice had melted or drifted away, mother nature had left some behind. It's amazing to see evidence of how high the tides are. OK, it's no Bay of Fundy but still impressive. Unfortunately I wore the wrong shoes and almost killed myself getting down to the rocks from the iceberg. Luckily, nobody got pictures of that.


jen said...

Welcome to the Nunavummiut bloggers! Love your iceberg shots!

indigo said...

cool ice blue. nice

Kennie said...

Haha - yes, those are not the correct footwear to be sporting climbing on slippery rocks and huge icecubes .. mind you, I was wearing my Birks doing the same thing in Iqaluit on my way out south in June.

And welcome to the Nunavummuit blogosphere! Some one has to pick up all of the slack with all of us current Baffin Island bloggers running away into the never ending daylight :-)

Way Way Up said...

Welcome to the territory.

Tina said...

Welcome. Obviously Jen hasn't told you about my stand on flip-flops. We'll talk. :)

jen said...

lol Tina, I saw Morena's feet and thought lol Tina is going to LOVE this! ;)

Matthew and Michele said...

Welcome to the Nunavut bloggers.

Wow are we are getting to be a large group of bloggers out of Cape Dorset. I will add you to my Cape Dorset bloggers list.

Morena said...

I wanted to thank everyone for their warm welcome as a new blogger. I hope you keep checking me out. I've added you all to my list as well.

Thanks again.

Melissa MacGillivary said...

It is too funny I am wearing the exact sandles everyday that you are well except I think my feet are warmer!!! I love your pic and I love your Blog you are doing awesome with it!!!

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